Hi, I’m Jennie and I am extraordinary. That’s my opinion of me. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, right? I may be extraordinarily crazy, funny, sassy, kind, confused, or delirious. Pick your adjective! Bottom line, I am extraordinary. We are all extraordinary in our ways. So? what’s not extraordinary about me? Well, what’s not extraordinary about me is that like everyone else, I have obsessions. Some are obsessed about another human being, some are obsessed about sports, some are obsessed about looking good and many more. Me? I am obsessed with many things but the above mentioned. My obsessions are eco-friendly, humanly friendly (if that’s even a word) and just generally friendly. Can’t be harmful to obsess about books, shoes, coffee, latest Snapchat filter, latest media hype or celebrity news, can it?

So, anyway, more about me! I was a seed, grew and rooted from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines. Currently, I am being trimmed, watered, nurtured and awaiting to blossom in America! Yes, like a tree!!!
As I go through all this trimming, watering and nurturing, I go through a hell of a lot of obsessions too. So, why on earth would you be interested about my obsessions? Well, darling, my extraordinary delirious, sassy, witty and funny self might just be the sun on your gloomy day!

If by any chance my perky and peppy self don’t shine your day? Head on into my second personality on a different blog. For all you know, Mami here’s got enough personality to shine your day!

And oh, FYI! Everything that I write in here does not go through levels and levels of proofreading and editing unlike my other page. I can’t really go through all that stress, you know! Sometimes, Mami has got to speak Filipino English too.